Bangladesh Aqua Industry

Aqua sector is playing an important role in Bangladesh Economy. We are one of the top 12th country in fish production with mostly traditional way. Fish demand is increasing rapidly in global market and we have a great opportunity to play a vital role in supply in international market. We have over 1,70,000 hectors of Brakish Saline Water for Shrimp culture and 50,000 hectors fresh water are for Prawn culture. We have around 1000 white fish hatchery and 115 Prawn & Shrimp hatchery. Our processing plant is approved by EU. Moreover we have 120 Tilapia fish hatchery. In the year 2009-2010 we have produced 26,98,754 metric ton fish out of which 11,15,351 metric ton are culture production.

We have strong local consumption and strong overseas market. Our hatchery technology is needs to be improved. There are some processing plant is under utilization. There is poor knowledge of growers, poor performance of DOF and post harvest technology. There is also poor quality feed and management know how.

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