Bangladesh Ruminant Industry

Ruminant sector of Bangladesh is playing an important role in Bangladesh Economy. Country is producing milk well under the requirement and most of the demand are being met from import of dry milk from the international market. It is long over due to revitalize this sector with appropriate technology to met both local and international demand.

We have 24.5 million cattle and 0.9 million buffalo. Out of which 4.9 million are milking cows and 0.3 million are milking buffalo. Bangladesh dairy industry is mainly dominated by local breed. Out of 4.9 million milking cows, 4.2 million are local breed and 0.7 million are crossed breed. This country need 7.227 million ton milk calculating 120ml per head. Out of which we produced only 2.686 million ton and met up our requirement by importing 52 thousand ton milk power from abroad. Still we have deficit of 3.91 million ton milk. After deducting the imported milk, we need to produce more 4.5 million ton milk. By improving ruminant health condition, we may produce more 3.7 million ton milk per annum.

At present, daily per capita milk consumption less than 60ml. We are spending 10 billion Taka per annum for importing milk powder from abroad. We have severe constraint of high yield breed, quality feed and veterinary service.

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